Can IoT help bring innovation to an industry that has remained largely unchanged for centuries? Ed Anthes-Washburn and the New Bedford Port Authority is saying yes. Today’s episode of the MarketScale IoT Podcast looks at how IoT technology is changing the game in fishing and strengthening supply chains.

Fishing for IoT Innovation

Fishing is one of those industries that feels like it has gone centuries without disruption or major technological advancements. There have been small changes here or there, but the basics have remained the same. You could be forgiven for thinking that IoT technology really doesn’t have a place in that kind of industry. However, the Port of New Bedford, the number one fishing port in America for 12 straight years, is proving that assumption wrong.

Ed Anthes-Washburn is the Executive Director for the New Bedford Port Authority and he joins this episode of the MarketScale IoT podcast to explain how they’re using IoT to improve fishing practices. “The fishing industry is one of the oldest industries on the planet. People have been harvesting fish in more or less the same way for decades, if not centuries,” says Washburn. “The price of sensors coming down can really transform…how commercial fishermen harvest fish, how they track fish, and also how they diversify their revenue opportunities.”

Building Stronger Links in the Supply Chain

The industry that can perhaps derive the greatest immediate benefit from IoT technology is the supply chain. The granular level of real-time data collection is incredibly useful in the instances where companies have already adopted it. MarketScale correspondent Sean Heath talks about the other benefits, seen and unseen, of integrating IoT into an existing supply chain strategy.

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