How 7-Eleven Boosts Efficiency, Profitability, and ROI

The following was adapted from a presentation by Titan customer Ron Fulenchek, Director of Gasoline Environmental Compliance at 7-Eleven, at the NEIWPCC National Tanks Conference. 

Global c-store juggernaut 7-Eleven leverages Titan Cloud’s comprehensive suite of software to boost efficiency and profitability, leaning on the solution to alleviate environmental risk and optimize the workflow surrounding their complex fuel equipment. This has helped them lower environmental reserves, avoid fines, mitigate fuel variance or loss, and become much more effective in the management of vendors and processes.

7-Eleven has more than 50,000 stores across multiple continents, including about 4,500 sites with fuel. The chain has more than 5,000 users of Titan’s software and it monitors more than 100,000 sensors and manages over 600,000 test records in the database. With Titan, 7-Eleven manages all aspects of compliance to decrease risk and increase efficiencies in all states, provinces, and regions where they have fuel facilities. The system houses all their compliance documentation and testing results, as well as pinpoints key areas to focus on for improvement, such as inventory variance, inspections and ATG management.

Ron Fulenchek, Senior Director of Gasoline, Environmental Compliance & Remediation for the chain, highlighted how Titan’s offerings help 7-Eleven accomplish all those goals and more.

Inventory Variance and Reconciliation

Titan’s solutions, Fulenchek said, have helped 7-Eleven tremendously when it comes to identifying and resolving inventory variance issues quickly. They have helped the chain detect and mitigate fuel loss, address sources of variance more efficiently, and manage monthly reconciliation reporting across North America (including Canada, where the measurement in liters requires much tighter analysis).

Titan’s solutions have also helped the chain automate reporting in a timely manner and follow appropriate municipal, state, and federal regulations.

“Titan has done a good job,” Fulenchek said. “There are some states that have certain rules and wording requirements on how the form looks…Titan has been able to replicate the state form so that it comes in the correct format the agencies need.”

Visual Inspections

Fulenchek asserts that 7-Eleven has likely completed more visual inspections than anyone in the U.S., largely due to the volume of fuel stores that need to be inspected each month.

To accomplish these inspections, the chain leverages Titan’s mobile application to quickly and easily allow team members equipped with tablets to access the appropriate facility equipment data, make necessary updates, and record any deficiencies.

“We’ve closed over 250,000 activities with Titan,” Fulenchek said. “That’s a lot of activities, but it really is an organized way to keep up with things. We use the activities function for things I’m not sure Titan is even aware of.”

ATG Device Management

At 7-Eleven, field contractors are utilized to make configuration changes to on-site ATGs, making compliance and data integrity more complicated to manage.

However, with Titan’s help, the chain was able to implement an alert system that allows them to see and track changes that are made by vendors and technicians in the field.

“We’re tied through Titan to our ATGs to throw off an alert for any parameter changes that are made to our ATGs,” Fulenchek said. “That comes back to our analyst in Dallas to look at, and if it’s something they know about and approve of, they can accept it.”

If the changes aren’t authorized, the chain can revert them and see information regarding who initiated the change. Titan’s ATG management capabilities also allow 7-Eleven to remotely push standardized parameters across stores without manually dispatching a technician to the site, which represents another of the countless ways the software solution can present real, quantifiable savings.

Scaling Up with Software Solutions

7-Eleven’s “Seven Eleven Environmental Database System,” or SEEDS, began helping the chain alleviate the chaos associated with physical storage solutions. Filing cabinets, reams of paper, and Excel spreadsheets are all vulnerable to loss through human error, fire, and other disasters, which the chain experienced in 2003 when a Virginia Beach office saw a large volume of records destroyed in a fire.

With a software solution powered by Titan Cloud Software, you can avoid that fate, automating and streamlining your processes and boosting revenue, efficiency, ROI, and more.

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