How Companies Can Defend Against Cyberattacks

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Cyber-attacks have become quite common since March 2020. Having systems in place to prevent and defend against these attacks is crucial. So, what can large and small companies do to build a cybersecurity network that protects their valuable business assets?

On this episode of In The Cloud, Host Hilary Kennedy talked with Bob Venero, CEO of Future Tech Enterprise Inc., a global IT solutions provider serving Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, defense, energy, hospital/health networks, manufacturing, and retail sectors. Kennedy and Venero chat about Bob’s background in cybersecurity and the Cloud and what businesses can do to defend themselves against attacks.

“The sophistication of these attacks is just amazing, and the more and more we rely on the public cloud solution, the more we’re putting ourselves at risk of these attacks” -Bob Venero

Since 2018, cybercrime has caused a record amount of damage. This is down to numerous reasons, but one of the main reasons is that more folks are relying on the Cloud for their storage needs. Without the proper framework to guard against the attacks, this leaves users vulnerable.

“The scale and the number of attacks and how bad those attacks are is increasing time over time,” Venero said. “The sophistication of these attacks is just amazing, and the more and more we rely on the public cloud solution, the more we’re putting ourselves at risk of these attacks.”

At one time, most businesses held their computing needs in-house. But, as this started to change to the Cloud, the dynamic shifted. “They put themselves in a position where they were at more risk,” Venero said regarding the risk of cyberattacks.

Listen to the full episode to learn what Venero thinks is the solution to these attacks.

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