At Cable-Tec Expo 2019 in New Orleans, 5G and 10G ruled conversation, from panels to casual booth back-and-forth. What was most critical to walk away with from the show was how each side of the telecom and broadband industries would be affected, especially the workforce of technicians and field engineers servicing, installing and monitoring these legacy and new technologies.
During one of our interviews, we got some time with Mark Govier, a product manager at Tempo Communications, a telecom company focused on providing measurement solutions to technicians and engineers in the field. During our conversation, we looked to the past and the future of telecom test equipment, and what fresh deliverables like whole-home WiFi, 4K video distribution, 10G broadband or 5G wireless could add onto a field professional’s workload. Govier gave us a look at one of Tempo’s newest testing products, how it benefits the field engineer, and spoke to the balance between comprehensive tools and a skilled-labor workforce.