How to Make Smart Homes Guest-Friendly

Smart thermostats, Smart TVs, Smart outlets, Smart security cameras, Smart phone charging stations, and Smart lights are just some of the many Smart Home features those looking to upgrade their homes might consider.

But what about when guests come to visit? Those features might be nice for you, but they can leave guests in the dark…quite literally, if they don’t know how to use your Smart lights.

Think about who your guests will be—maybe older family members who don’t understand the concept of voice commands for lighting controls. And make sure your tech is usable for all— consider things like buying simple keypads or manually-controlled remotes for lighting systems in guest rooms or writing a list of voice commands for guests. Using Alexa for Custom Q&A Skill Blueprints and Houseguest Skill Blueprints can also help guests navigate your home and the local area.

Smart homes can be customized to benefit guests and there is no one right answer as to how you design your home and implement its features. That’s why Tod Caflisch, host of Smart Home on the Range, shares his thoughts on what homeowners should consider when selecting what Smart Home features to use and where to optimize their experience while keeping guests safe and happy.

Article written by Cara Schildmeyer

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