Computerized maintenance management software is arguably one of the important purchases you’ll make in manufacturing, but as our guest today on the podcast can tell you, it’s a complicated process. In this new episode, host Sean Heath sat down with Steve Reed, Vice President of Safety and Engineering at Kasa, for answers to all your CMMS questions.

So, how do you know you’re using all the functions efficiently, if at all, and what do you do when it comes to integrating that CMMS with your control system? Those are issues that companies often face when implementing new software or technology, Steve said.

“Like a lot of software packages, people get accustomed to using certain features within them but there are other capabilities within those tools that they don’t necessarily use,” he said, explaining that initial training at installation doesn’t necessarily mean your team is using all possible functions correctly.

He suggests going back through the features with the manufacturer every few years to ensure all features are being utilized and new team members are receiving firsthand training.

Also in this episode, Steve discussed how industrial IoT can aid predictive maintenance scheduling in a meaningful way.

“If you do your predictive maintenance accurately and reliably by integrating the control system into your CMMS, you can easily predict these imminent failures well in advance,” Steve said. “You can manage that in a smart way before it’s an emergency.”

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