On this episode of The Suite Spot, hosts Carlos Vargas, Howard Holton and Paul Lewis continue to highlight how IT teams and leaders can prepare to be agile and successful in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

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This crisis has hit IT organizations particularly hard mainly due to inexperience with disruption on this scale, at least in an economic and technological climate as advanced as our modern landscape.

The trio explored changes that have already been made in an effort to maintain productivity and efficiency under the strain of the pandemic – many of which will need to be incorporated into long-term IT strategies for both normal operation and in case of similar disruptions in the future.

The biggest, perhaps, is in finding ways to ensure the heart of any organizations – its people – are bought-into strategies and prepared adequately to stay ahead of the curve.
With the right team energy and mindset, the best practices for handling increased security challenges related to remote work, rethinking capabilities and connectivity, and more can be tackled as they come with proactive, not reactive, efforts.

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