Connectivity Will Change Sporting Events Forever

Could smart stadiums be in our future? With the increased availability of WiFi and the inevitable arrival of 5G, the future of sporting events could look a lot different. Marybeth Hall of Brown Pelican WiFi joins the podcast again this week to tell us what it was like to provide WiFi for a race team at Daytona International Speedway and what the future could look like for sports fans.


Can Smart Cities Solve Overcrowding in China?

IoT exists to solve the problems in the world. Today’s episode focuses in on two areas where IoT could be incredibly beneficial: overcrowded cities and healthcare. Paul Doherty from The Digit Group joins the show to explain how smart city technology can help stem the tide of overcrowding in China. In our second feature on the show, Irma Rastegayeva speaks to Shelby Skrhak about IoT advancements in the field of healthcare.


MarketScale IoT 01/30/19: Making Necessary Evils Obsolete

There are aspects of life that we have largely accepted as a necessary evils. Technology is stepping in to find solutions to these issues that have previously existed as blindspots in our society. On today’s episode of the MarketScale IoT Podcast, we look at how IoT is changing the game when it comes to pest control and safety on the roadways.


MarketScale IoT 01/23/19: Bringing IoT to the Highest Valued Port in America

Can IoT help bring innovation to an industry that has remained largely unchanged for centuries? Ed Anthes-Washburn and the New Bedford Port Authority is saying yes. Today’s episode of the MarketScale IoT Podcast looks at how IoT technology is changing the game in fishing and strengthening supply chains.


MarketScale Industrial IoT 01/17/19: Cars are Computers on Wheels

In an increasingly connected world, automobiles are not being left behind. The capability for cars to be able to connect with every device in our lives is the path forward in the industry. Today’s show features conversations with people who work in two different ends of this endeavor.


MarketScale Industrial IoT 01/10/19: Beacon Technology & Private LTE

This week’s episode of the MarketScale IoT podcast features conversations with two industry experts who are using their knowledge to bring innovation to the industry. Correspondent Shelby Skrhak caught up with David Gilley, the Assistant Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Encore Networks. He discusses the use of private LTE networks by energy utility providers around the world. These providers are harnessing LTE capabilities in-house for better oversight.

Also on this week’s show, MarketScale correspondent Sam Mosher chatted with Vice President of Brand Marketing at Allrecipes, Esmée Williams. She discusses how beacon marketing has been a massive success for Allrecipes and how others can learn from their success.


MarketScale Industrial IoT 12/26/18: Connected Energy, Connected Restaurants, Connected Wins

Today’s two features put IoT to work in different industries. In each, we get to see how interconnected data is lowering price points, increasing data access, and overall creating big wins. We get a look at connected energy with Tom Raftery, Global VP, Futurist and Innovation Evangelist with SAP, and turn to Can Algül, CEO of Pubinno, to talk about his mission to create an “Internet of Beer.”


MarketScale Industrial IoT 12/12/18: Save the People, Save the Bees

Today’s episode is all about “salvation:” saving industries, saving lives. This is the kind of salvation IoT is capable of, and what innovators are looking to accomplish. Hear from Manish Agarwal, co-founder of Axelta Systems, who talks about how the IoT industry abroad, specifically in India, saved itself from the doom of weary customers and grew into the innovative force it is today. We’re also going to talk about everyone’s favorite, the bees, and why they’re disappearing. A world without bees is not one we want to live in. We get great insight from OSbeehives about how, surprisingly, IoT may be a solution. We also hear about how IoT is saving human lives, specifically the lives of the elderly. Where elder care suffers the most, IoT is stepping in with the solutions, turning homes into smart homes and smart homes into independent, safe, functional havens for senior citizens.


MarketScale Industrial IoT 12/05/18: Connecting Rural America

In this episode of our Industrial IoT Podcast Show, we’re exploring the surprising challenges that still loom over farmers, ranchers and growers, as well as the technology that’s taking them to new heights. With net farm income at its third lowest over the last decade, the people who keep the industry afloat are always looking for innovation to cut costs and improve efficiency; IoT is key in this search.

We hear from Darcy Pawlik, VP of Agriculture for weather data company Understory, who explains the eco-friendly and economically beneficial impact IoT has already had on the agricultural sector, as well as from Pete DeNagy, President and Co-Founder of Internet of Things America, who sheds light on the lack of sensor connectivity still keeping many rural growers from taking command of this expanding technology.