The UK Just Got an IoT Level-Up. Here’s Why the BT Partnership with AWS is Set to Improve Mission Critical IoT

Imagine a world where ultra-low latency applications, IoT technologies, and cloud computing work together seamlessly to create revolutionary solutions for businesses and communities. It’s the promise of the Industry 4.0 future, supported by advancements in 5G connectivity, cloud-based networks, and synergy between telcos and a decentralized ecosystem of smart buildings and devices. These synergies are now playing out in real time in some of the highest-profile partnerships; BT, the UK’s largest by-subscribers telecommunications provider, and AWS, one of the world’s leading cloud computing providers, are coming together to “enable high-speed, latency-sensitive and intensive 5G connectivity for…high-bandwidth IoT use cases in the field.” Why is the BT partnership with AWS such an important step forward for the IoT industry?

This collaboration is part of BT’s investment to enhance its existing mobile networks, and it aims to enable ultra-low latency applications, especially for mission critical use cases, that will be key for maximizing Industry 4.0’s potential. Using AWS Wavelength, which provides mobile edge computing by embedding AWS’ compute and storage services within 4G and 5G networks, the BT partnership with AWS is expected to support smart city and Industry 4.0 use cases such as public safety applications and improved live media broadcasts.

How are IoT pros reacting to this partnership? And how exactly will the BT partnership with AWS, and the integration of robust edge computing, enable 5G ultra-low latency applications? Taimoor Yousaf, data and cloud architect for venture catalyst firm Z2C Limited, provide insights into how this specific partnership can revolutionize the IoT industry in the UK.

 Taimoor’s Thoughts:

“I think this partnership is a significant step toward revolutionizing the IoT industry. By incorporating AWS Wavelength into BT’s 5G infrastructure, ultra-low latency applications can be enabled, which will unlock numerous IoT use cases. With the launch of AWS Wavelength service for both business and wholesale customers, BT is bringing the power of the cloud to the UK’s best network. This will definitely create new opportunities for customers to innovate and take advantage of IoT technologies.

The deployment of AWS Wavelength in the AWS ‘Wavelength Zone’ in the Manchester area will alone enable businesses and organizations within a hundred-kilometer radius to conduct trials and explore the potential of IoT applications, the likes of autonomous vehicles, for instance, intelligent industrial robots and not to say the least, the community healthcare.

This collaboration will benefit not only the businesses and public sector organizations, but also the wider communities. For instance, with the help of IoT cameras powered by AWS Wavelength and BT’s 5G infrastructure, first responders can keep communities safe.

The ability to bring fast secure data processing closer to where customers need it most will unlock new IoT use cases and it’ll also accelerate innovation across industries. This partnership is an excellent example of how technology can connect people and communities for good, and we look forward to exploring the possibilities it can present.”

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