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Materializing Industry 4.0 Through Industrial Automation

Materializing Industry 4.0 Through Industrial Automation
Industry 4.0 – What is it, and how can manufacturers make it a reality in their operations? In this episode of To the Edge and Beyond, host Daniel Litwin talks with Hector Martinez, an Read more


Are EVs a Threat to the Grid?
November 30, 2022

The buzz around going green and electric vehicles is rampant. Some states, like California, have already set lofty goals to eliminate new gas-car sales. Other states are following, but public opinion range from optimistic to frustrated. Recently a poll in Seattle showed that most oppose the gas-car ban, and demand for EVs is high.  […]

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Aurora Hires the “Dream Team” of Education
November 30, 2022

At some point, you have likely tried to “do it yourself” without an expert, whether building furniture from instructions, installing equipment in your house, or fixing your car. But wouldn’t it have been nice to speak to an expert ahead of time so they could guide you through the processes and use of the tools […]

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Jennifer Granholm Community-Based Clean Energy
Federal Funding for Community-Based Clean Energy Saves the Day for Municipalities
November 29, 2022

Community-based clean energy projects across the U.S. are getting a windfall of cash from the Biden administration. Using funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Program, Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm announced the federal government is allocating $550 million to help municipalities deploy community-based clean energy initiatives, from infrastructure projects that cut down […]

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Materializing Industry 4.0 Through Industrial Automation
February 10, 2022
Industry 4.0 – What is it, and how can manufacturers make it a reality in their operations? In this episode of To the Edge and Beyond, host Daniel Litwin talks with Hector Martinez, an Read more
Transforming the Olympic Games for the Digital Era
August 9, 2021
Alibaba Chief Marketing Officer Chris Tung discusses how the Chinese e-commerce giant is helping the International Olympics Committee transform the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic games for the Read more
The Importance of Edge Computing Solutions for the Retail, Banking, Hospitality and Education Markets
March 25, 2021
  There are two sides to every story, and there are two sides to edge computing – infrastructure edge and a device edge. Infrastructure is the edge hardware that ranges from light to Read more
3 Keys to Success for Using Cloud Solutions in Higher Ed
February 4, 2021
Like a wide range of industries, higher education institutions have adopted cloud solutions that offer a variety of immediate and longer-term benefits specific to the needs of universities and Read more
What Businesses Need to Leverage Today’s Transformative Technology
November 17, 2020
By now everyone has heard of the cloud. Most businesses even understand how they can use it effectively. But what about other advances? With 5G, LTE and other wireless networks rolling out Read more
Modernizing IT Infrastructure for Application Performance
October 21, 2020
  When’s the last time you thought about your IT system? It’s likely you have critical applications that need to run with maximum uptime, but if your system isn’t modernized, it may not Read more
Augmented Reality in Remote Classrooms
April 28, 2020
During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote education has forced teachers to use every tool in their toolbox. But augmented reality, which allows both visual and hands-on instruction from any setting, Read more
The Mecca Minute: Explaining the Cloud
October 28, 2019
  It's a question that is asked on a regular basis: What is the cloud and how do I use it? On this episode of The Mecca Minute, Gerry Mecca provides an explanation of what the cloud is Read more
Beyond the Numbers: How Do You Keep Your Company Safe in the Cloud?
April 8, 2019
Trip Hillman and Kyle Morris join Weaver: Beyond the Numbers this week to talk about how companies can maintain compliance in today’s “cloud offering” society. To the average user, there is Read more