Remote Access Solutions for Industrial IoT

Industry 4.0 is more than a buzzword; it’s a solution that can resolve supply chain issues. A secure IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) framework connected to an IoT (Internet of Things) framework already on a company’s network can improve business outcomes with the right solutions. 

This week on the Lion’s Den, a podcast by Red Lion Controls, Barry Turner, Technical Business Development Manager at Red Lion, and Brian Vorphal, Director of Business Development, North America at MB connect Line, joined host Tyler Kern to introduce a new series dedicated to showing how Red Lion solutions can help solve those industry 4.0 challenges. To kick this series off, Tyler, Barry, and Brian discussed the following: 

  • What makes Red Lion remote access solutions unique to the marketplace? 
  • What challenges do industrial customers face in trying to access remote access data and assets? 
  • How does owning remote access solutions benefit systems integrators and OEMs? 

“Some of the greatest challenges we field in the sales section of it is the misinterpretation of cybersecurity,” Vorphal said. “A company choosing to use remote access, which connects to machines from outside of a building, or factory, to the inside of a factory, relies on a portal-scape, servers, connectivity, VPN tunneling, and this sort of thing.”

Barry Turner is a network engineer with more than ten years of experience with Red Lion Controls. Brian Vorphal has a background in electronics engineering and has been with MB Connect Line since January 2017. 

More Episodes in the Series:

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