Mike Wilkinson, CEO & Founder of Paragon Innovations, joined host Tyler Kern on a MarketScale videostream to give a “state of the union” for IoT, analyzing the short and long term trends shaping technology and applications in 2020 and beyond.

Wilkinson’s Paragon Innovations is a product development firm providing full-service solutions for embedded software engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, app development, and business incubation. Evolving the business and its solutions alongside IoT technology since 1990, he’s seen the major shifts in technology that have guided the industry for 30 years.

Now, Wilkinson and Kern use that industry knowledge to analyze the now of IoT tech and look ahead, breaking down…

  1. What is driving market growth in IoT today
  2. Which specific technological advancements have made IoT technology more accessible
  3. How barriers to adjust in real time can pose a problem
  4. Use cases, including growth in embedded cellular radio communications tech
  5. Predictions for where IoT tech continues to improve, and where Paragon can offer its expertise

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