Employee Spotlight: Joe Hare, Construction Manager

January 1, 2023
irfan ullah


We’re excited to introduce you to Joe Hare, a seasoned construction manager with a passion for data centers. Joe’s journey into the world of data centers began unexpectedly, but it ignited his love for these fascinating facilities. In this article, we’ll explore Joe’s experiences, the importance of data centers in the digital age, and his adventures outside of work.

Data centers are crucial in managing vast amounts of information for companies and organizations. They require specialized knowledge and expertise due to their unique infrastructure needs. Companies like Aligned provide comprehensive solutions for data center construction projects, playing a vital role in this industry. As a construction manager at Aligned, Joe ensures that projects stay on schedule, within budget, and maintain the highest safety standards. Effective communication between contractors and designers is essential for successful project execution, considering the unpredictability of construction. Outside of work, Joe loves embarking on adventures with his family. They enjoyed a memorable trip exploring Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, immersing themselves in nature’s wonders. Joe is also a fan of the movie “The Big Lebowski,” and he can quote memorable lines from it. Additionally, his familiarity with Mexican culture has sparked an interest in exploring opportunities in the Mexican construction market.

Joe Hare’s unexpected journey into data centers showcases how new experiences can lead to exciting paths. His passion for construction and dedication to excellence make him an invaluable asset at Aligned. With the increasing demand for data centers in our rapidly advancing digital world, professionals like Joe are shaping the future. Stay tuned for more industry insights and personal stories from Aligned’s dynamic team of construction experts!

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