Cargomatic Celebrates Driver Appreciation Week with Charlotte Dominguez

September 19, 2022

Key Insights:

  • The supply chain begins and ends with drivers
  • A driver shortage would be felt by people and businesses across the globe
  • People’s idea of a trucker does not always reflect the reality of the workforce

On this episode of “People on the Move,” host Michelle Dawn Mooney celebrates the impact of truckers and all they do for the supply chain, with Charlotte Dominguez, Operations Manager at Nexxgen  

“I’ve been in the trucking industry for more than 20 years, and now at Nexxgen, I’ve seen this company go from a small trucking company with 10 drivers to having 90 drivers, 40 of whom are owner-operators,” Dominguez said. “We are truly where the supply chain industry begins.”  

Truckers operate behind the scenes in the eyes of consumers, and it wasn’t until the pandemic hit that many realized how essential truckers really are, Dominguez emphasized.  

“We didn’t really understand what the need for trucking really was and the impact of what would happen if there wasn’t someone in the truck delivering essential products. That impact has gone back since the beginning of time, with people delivering goods from one place to another. In the entire supply chain, the key component is going to be a trucker to move it from one destination to another, it’s tremendous how big that need is,” she said.  

Like many experiencing the need for workers in the supply chain, truckers are working through staff shortages and the need for more talent.  

“As a trucking company we want to keep costs down while providing a service, so we encourage drivers to come out … we’re always going to have the need for drivers because the business is constantly moving and growing,” Dominguez said.  

There will always be challenges in any industry, and shipping and logistics is no different. But during Driver Appreciation Week, the focus should be on the important contribution drivers make in everyone’s lives each day. 

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