People on the Move

People on the Move

Cargomatic Celebrates Driver Appreciation Week with Charlotte Dominguez

Key Insights: The supply chain begins and ends with drivers A driver shortage would be felt by people and businesses across the globe People’s idea of a trucker does not always reflect the reality of the workforce On this episode of “People on the Move,” host Michelle Dawn Mooney celebrates the impact of truckers and […]

Driving Positive Change in the World of Transportation

June is Pride Month, making it the perfect time to catch up with the state of the LGBTQ community in the trucking industry. People on the Move’s Tyler Kern caught up with Shelle Lichti, the Founder and Executive Director of LGBT Truckers, Inc., for an enlightening discussion on the industry’s past, present, and future regarding […]

People On The Move: Empowering Women within the Engineering Industry

The rise of women within previously male-dominated industries continues to grow. People on the Move podcast host Michelle Mooney met with Mahsa Pan, Senior Civil Engineer and Construction Manager for the Port of Los Angeles, and WTS Vice President of Professional Development and Student Outreach to discuss her career path and how she helps women […]

Careers on the Move

A Year in Review with Weston LaBar

“The supply chain is an ecosystem, only as strong as its weakest link. Solutions need to benefit everyone, and that’s where technology and data come into play.” The supply chain story of 2021 was, unfortunately, a sequel to 2020. The weaknesses linger, but the future can be different by applying data and modernizing the framework. […]

Careers on the Move: Building Supply Chain Policy

  “What I enjoy is bringing folks together to work collaboratively on solutions, including our members and partners like Cargomatic.” While the supply chain is featured daily in the media now, it’s not something most people thought about before. That’s not the case for the latest guest on Careers on the Move. Jon Gold, Vice President of […]

How Eye 2 Eye Global is Changing the Cosmetics Industry

  “The work that I do in my sports world is about that impact and finding a deeper level of impact, which has contributed to here at Eye 2 Eye, where we’re trying to focus on access, ownership, and quality for communities of color,” Heyward said. On this episode of Careers on the Move, Host […]

Staying Fit On The Road: Careers On The Move

“As I PT, I’m sitting there saying ‘For a lot of these drivers, poor health was really the underlying reason why they were in the clinic in the first place,’” Manera said. “As I got to learn more and more about their lifestyle and the struggles they go through on a day-to-day basis out on […]

How AI Can Be Used to Automate Logistics Processes

AI is no mere buzzword; it’s popping up in practical applications in all industries. The supply chain is no exception, and, in an industry with a focus on process efficiency, enlisting AI’s possibilities makes perfect sense. Warren Kucker, CEO of Shelly.AI, joined Careers on the Move to talk with host Tyler Kern about his company’s […]

Keep on Truckin’: The Future of the Trucking Industry

Worker shortages, geopolitical forces and the lingering impacts to the supply chain due to a global pandemic; that’s a lot of challenges for any industry to bear, but one could easily argue its impact on the trucking and logistics industry is by far the most prominent. The situation today will make for lasting changes in […]

Bringing Eco-Friendly Transit to the Masses

For this episode of Careers on the Move, one could say the guest truly lives that definition. Meet Alyssa Haerle. Haerle is the Director of Transportation Development at Circuit, an award-winning micro-transit service. They employ a fleet of all-electric vehicles to offer complimentary and on-demand rides around busy downtown areas. Host Tyler Kern was excited […]

Building Community in the Supply Chain Industry

At Careers On The Move, a Cargomatic podcast, we shine a light on what a career in supply chain is like and how the industry offers opportunities for irreplaceable experience. In this episode, host Daniel Litwin, Voice of B2B, talked with Lisa Morales-Hellebo, Co-founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation, an organization changing how supply […]

How Supply Chains Run the World – and Finding People to Run Them

On this episode of Careers On The Move, A Cargomatic Podcast, host Tyler Kern talked with Radu Palamariu, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Alcott Global. Alcott Global provides executive search solutions for the world’s top companies in ecommerce, the supply chain, logistics and transportation technology. The duo dove into Palamariu’s career path, hiring top-level executives and […]

How Does Supply Chain Investment Power New Opportunities and Careers?

  As the Founder and Managing Partner of Cambridge Capital and CEO of BGSA Holdings, Ben Gordon has a wealth of experience and a lengthy career in the supply chain industry to draw on when forecasting the future of the sector. That made him the perfect guest for this episode of Careers on the Move […]

Why Southern California Is a Hub of Green Transportation

For Jack Symington of Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator (LACI), the marriage of transportation and green innovation is a perfect fit. As Program Manager of Transportation, Symington helps accelerate the commercialization of green technology in the Los Angeles area. On this episode of Careers on the Move, a Cargomatic podcast, host Shelby Skrhak spoke to Symington […]

‘Mr. Supply Chain’ on Careers in an Evolving Logistics Landscape

Supply chains have been a hot topic of conversation since the COVID-19 pandemic began, as the ensuing chaos ground many of them across the world to a screeching halt. Now, however, with a new normal coming to life and supply chains growing and scaling once again – often in response to pressures, challenges and shortcomings […]

Careers on the Move: Navigating the Choppy Waters of Global Logistics Networks

  Craig Fuller, Founder and CEO of FreightWaves, knows a thing or two about the intricacies of global supply chains and logistics. FreightWaves, sometimes referred to as “the Bloomberg of freight,” has a clear vision – to help companies that help make up the $9.6-trillion global logistics market better benchmark, analyze, monitor and forecast, providing […]

Careers on the Move: Empowering Truck Owner-Operators, Drivers and Fleet Managers

The shipping industry has grown by leaps and bounds, especially with the onset of the pandemic. Many of us staying at home have taken full advantage of faster delivery times – and may have even begun to take it for granted. But what most people tend to overlook are the truck drivers that help deliver […]

COVID-19’s Impact on Global Food Supply Chains

As a civilian, the average American might not think about how warfare abroad affects the people who live there. Kelvin Garvanne has, however, and he made sure to hammer that point home in each of the military exercises he was a part of. Today, Garvanne works as a public policy researcher for the City of […]

Navigating Growth Opportunities and Finding Operational Efficiencies in Logistics

The supply chain is a tough concept to nail down, but most key players across the world of industry agree that it involves how organizations get products and solutions from point A to point B. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that journey has become more complex than ever – but that doesn’t mean that there […]

Careers on the Move: The Importance of Data Standards in Emerging Technologies and the Supply Chain.

Throughout the career of Melanie Nuce, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development, GS1 US, three key business concerns related to the supply chain have remained constant: how to grow revenue, how to reduce costs and how to manage risks. The desire to make supply chains more efficient is always the name of the game. Nuce spoke […]