Small Business Debt Can be Managed Without Harming a Business’s Reputation

September 27, 2023


Navigating the network of small business debt can feel like a treacherous journey for many entrepreneurs. Often, the small scale and tight-knit nature of these ventures mean that even one or two delinquent clients can cause significant disruption to revenue streams. Nowadays, many reputations can be built or broken by customer reviews, and the fear of a tarnished image often leads business owners reluctant to pursue overdue debts aggressively.

However, the dialogue surrounding debt collection is changing, with ethical practices and tailored strategies helping small business owners reconcile with debts without compromising their relationships with clients or tarnishing their reputations.  Elaborating more on this topic of debt and reputation on “Closing the Books” segment, is Bryan Campbell, Business Development Manager at IC System, and Joe Karasin, CEO of Karasin PPC, whose experiences and unique perspectives present some answers to this problem.

Article written by Alexandra Simon.

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