Discover the Truth: Metal Detecting with Discovery Daisy

From scuba diving to treasure hunting, the need for adventure could be part of Discovery Daisy’s DNA. When a friend introduced Daisy to metal detecting, a new passion was born. She spoke with Tyler Kern about her love of metal detecting.

While Daisy’s involvement with metal detecting only began in 2020, her love of scuba diving started in 2016. Now, she combines the two activities. “I use a smaller, compact detector when I’m underwater, whereas I use the Garrett AT Pro when detecting on land most of the time,” Daisy said.

There is a strong metal detecting community, and Daisy said the group she has met does many things together. She looks forward to meeting other female metal detectors, and she hopes her YouTube page will encourage people of all ages to catch the bug for detecting and treasure hunting. She even conducted a course for kindergarteners to spark interest.

Has Daisy found any treasure since picking up her metal detector? “When diving, I think my favorites are probably the valuable jewelry,” Daisy said. “I found some gold and some silver and tons of jewelry. Above on land, my favorites are the relics…like the historical bullets you can get, and the silver and the coins.”

Daisy is thankful she discovered metal detecting but wishes she had found it sooner. “If I could’ve started before all these other people have gone to all these spots, I’m thinking all this time I’ve probably missed out on so many things.”

In South Carolina, where Daisy calls home, she said many Revolutionary War-era relics are around. So, while others may have come before her, there is still plenty of treasure left for Discovery Daisy to find.

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