The Pope’s Hospital and its Impact Highlighted at the Clinton Global Initiative

January 29, 2024
Ron Stefanski


On the latest episode of “DisruptEd,” an insightful look into the philanthropic efforts of Bambino Gesu, also known as the “Pope’s Hospital,” is explored through a conversation with Fabrizio Arengi Bentivoglio, President of Patrons of Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital. During the episode, host Ron J. Stefanski, sheds light on the intersection of entrepreneurship, healthcare, and social impact, highlighted at the Clinton Global Initiative.

The episode further looked into the remarkable journey of Bentivoglio. From his roots in a pharmaceutical dynasty, to his transformative role in global philanthropy. Bentivoglio led a successful career with pharmaceutical giants. But after selling his family’s pharmaceutical business, transitioned into leading a family office focused on investments that foster social change. He emphasized the intrinsic culture of giving back.  which has been a guiding force in his philanthropic endeavors, ranging from art foundations to social impact initiatives targeting children and the underprivileged.

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