Empowering Survivors: Sophia Strother-Lewis’s Journey from Abuse to Advocacy and Entrepreneurship

June 7, 2024
Kevin Stevenson


In this powerful episode of “I Don’t Care,” Dr. Kevin Stevenson sits down with Sophia Strother-Lewis to explore her incredible journey from a traumatic childhood to becoming a successful entrepreneur and advocate for survivors. This conversation is especially timely as awareness about human trafficking and sexual abuse continues to grow, highlighting the need for more comprehensive support systems for survivors. Recent studies show that survivors often struggle with finding their identity post-trauma, a challenge Sophia addresses through her inspiring story.

What does it take for a survivor of severe trauma to reclaim their identity and thrive?

“I Don’t Care,” hosted by Kevin Stevenson, welcomes Sophia Strother-Lewis, a survivor, author, and entrepreneur, to discuss how she helps survivors find their identity after crisis situations. Sophia shares her story of overcoming severe childhood abuse and trafficking, her journey to success, and her ongoing efforts to support others through initiatives like her “Learning 2 Exhale” symposium.

Main Points from the Episode:

  • Sophia recounts her traumatic childhood, including sexual abuse by her father and being trafficked by her mother.
  • She discusses the profound impact of her grandmother’s support in helping her escape and rebuild her life.
  • Sophia introduces her “Learning to Exhale” symposium, which offers holistic support for survivors, including equine psychotherapy and financial empowerment workshops.

Sophia Strother-Lewis is a resilient survivor of childhood abuse and human trafficking. She has transformed her painful past into a mission to support and empower other survivors. As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sophia holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree, and she actively engages in various community initiatives aimed at helping those affected by trauma.

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