Revolutionizing Press Automation: The Comprehensive KUKA.PressAutomation Solution

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

One of the major hurdles manufacturers face today is integrating, optimizing, and maintaining press automation systems. From ensuring high cycle speed stability to managing the complex task of part transfer, manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for ways to streamline operations and enhance productivity. This urgent need for better press automation tools is met by a comprehensive, industry-leading solution: KUKA.PressAutomation. Let’s learn more about this industry-leading solution on today’s episode of Orange Intelligenz.

KUKA.PressAutomation is an all-encompassing solution that revolutionizes press automation, combining standard QUANTEC and FORTEC robots, high-performance press linking systems, and the specialized KUKA.PressTech software. It’s all underpinned by KUKA’s proven reliability and quality, ensuring manufacturers have the tools to excel in the modern industrial environment.

The KUKA.PressAutomation suite includes the Ready2 Presslink Transpresser and the Ready2 Presslink COBRA, both complete systems that leverage high-performance components. The Transpresser introduces an arm with a servo-controlled rotational axis on the gripper flange. It boasts high cycle speed stability, non-turning part transfer, a payload of 80 kilograms, and an 8.5-meter reach, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

The Ready2 Presslink COBRA is a proven technology concept, offering a unique kinematic design with up to five axes supported by Bilsing Automation. It features stable part transfer, courtesy of a special carbon fiber design, and the high motion profile generation of KRC 4. What sets the COBRA apart is its unparalleled flexibility, small footprint, and premium options like 2x spreading and 2x tilting movements, which are freely programmable.

Both systems ensure easy and fast gripper change thanks to a special quick coupling system. The COBRA, in particular, offers a payload of up to 100 kilograms and output of up to 15 parts per minute for press distances from 5.2 to 8.5 meters. Reduced configuration needs, compatible components, and thorough testing before shipment all combine to make these systems streamlined and user-friendly.

But KUKA.PressAutomation wouldn’t be complete without KUKA.PressTech software. PressTech Basic talks to all aspects of the press line, ensuring optimal productivity through complete control. Special features like looking ahead speed control, robot follows robot under the press, optimized press start, and online program adjustments guarantee the highest possible output.

Moreover, KUKA.PressTech coordinates the presses and robot motions of the entire line in a self-optimizing manner, ensuring seamless and efficient operation. The inclusion of KUKA.SIMPro software allows manufacturers to simulate the press line and associated cycle time, assuring project outcomes are met with precision and reliability.

In summary, KUKA.PressAutomation is a comprehensive solution that answers the call of modern manufacturers for enhanced press automation. Through a blend of hardware and software, KUKA delivers cutting-edge solutions to optimize your entire press automation efforts. For more information, contact KUKA today to discover how KUKA.PressAutomation can revolutionize your manufacturing processes.

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