A New Era In Digital Entertainment: From Backyard Battles to Global Stardom With Dude Perfect’s Garrett Hilbert. Part 1 of 2

July 18, 2023
Matt Brost

In the evolving arena of digital entertainment, one phenomenon that has captured millions of viewers’ attention is Dude Perfect, a collective of college friends who catapulted to YouTube fame with their elaborate trick-shot videos.

What began as a friendly bet over a lunchtime game of ‘horse’ evolved into a viral sensation, their natural camaraderie and competitive spirit fueling a new form of digital entertainment.
Their rise underscores the unpredictable power of the internet, where a simple, captivating idea can resonate with a global audience in an instant.

Importantly, their story also speaks to the importance of friendship and faith in their journey, qualities that served as the backbone of their operation and continue to define their group dynamics.

In this conversation on Excellence Culture, Matt Brost, Vice President of Lockton welcomes Garrett Hilbert, a member of Dude Perfect to talk about the background of Dude Perfect, how it started, and their early videos. Garrett shares about his upbringing, his passion for sports and architecture, and his journey to becoming a part of Dude Perfect. They also touch on the surprise success of their first video and how it caught the attention of Good Morning America. The conversation highlights the importance of faith, family, surrounding oneself with people who bring out the best in them, and much more.

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