Tune In April 6th: Are You Ready to Learn How to Transform Your Supply Chain?

April 5, 2023

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what is a digital planning twin
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According to Aaron Berg, River Logic’s VP of Strategy, a Digital Planning Twin is essentially a comprehensive model that encapsulates the entire value chain of a business. Within this model, intricate details about the capabilities and constraints of the business are defined, spanning from manufacturing options to operational capacities. The core essence of this […]

value proposition for sustainability
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Creating a value proposition for sustainability means more than crafting a statement; it’s a commitment to change from the top down. Are businesses effectively aligning sustainability initiatives with their core value chains to optimize operations and contribute to a sustainable future? In the fast-evolving landscape of modern businesses, sustainability has emerged as a critical […]

digital planning twin
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River Logic’s VP of Strategy, Aaron Berg, discusses the beneficial features of their own Digital Planning Twin. Digital Planning Twins offer a comprehensive view of business operations, combining high fidelity representations of the value chain, including both operational and financial components. The consideration of financial impacts and profitability is a crucial aspect, guiding strategic […]