Revolutionizing Semiconductor Manufacturing: TMC’s Vibration Control Floor Platforms Minimize Vibration for Optimal Performance

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

At the intersection of precision and manufacturing, vibration control floor platforms for semiconductor tools play a pivotal role in ensuring high-quality, accurate results. TMC, a leader in the field of vibration control, delved into this matter, shedding light on their unique quiet island configurations at a recent presentation by MikeGeorgalis, North American sales manager.

Semiconductor manufacturing facilities employ a diverse array of tools – from lithography and inspection tools to metrology and failure analysis tools – each with its unique sensitivities to vibration. Ellis highlighted the issues that these sensitivities pose, such as imperfections in images and artifacts in scanning electron microscopy caused by vibration. However, these problems can be mitigated using TMC’s quiet island floor platforms, which are designed to isolate and therefore minimize the impact of vibration on these critical tools.

Deciding which platform is suitable involves understanding whether the tool in question has a specification or limit for vibration. Tools with no such specs may not be vibration-sensitive and can use a rigid platform with minimal isolation. But for tools that do have vibration specs, more comprehensive measures should be taken.

Such measures involve doing a vibration survey to measure floor acceleration when excited by vibration. This provides valuable data to make an informed decision: if the floor vibration is greater than the tool’s specification, an active cancellation platform like Stasis Quiet Island from TMC is recommended. However, if the vibration is lower than the tool’s spec, a rigid platform could be installed and later upgraded if needed.

TMC understands the dynamic nature of fabs – vibration levels tend to increase over time, and tool owners usually aim to increase their tool’s resolution over time. Therefore, preemptive measures can save time and money in the long run.

Whether a rigid or active quiet island is selected, TMC’s team of application engineers work closely with clients to customize and fine-tune the configuration of the quiet island, making them a reliable partner for managing vibration challenges in semiconductor manufacturing facilities. Check them out today for some of the best vibration control floor platforms on the market today!

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