STACIS Hard Mount Active Vibration Control System Offers Superior Stability for Sensitive Instruments

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

What if I bump into, or step on, a platform supported by STACIS, what happens? Wes Wigglesworth short answer: almost nothing. Thanks to the hard-mount active vibration control system in STACIS, the active control is downward looking, which means that it is measuring and cancelling floor vibration. In layman’s terms, that means you would need a heck of a lot more force than you can generate with your foot to wreck measurement results.

The unique and innovative design of STACIS, a hard mount active vibration control system, fundamentally reshapes our understanding of vibration isolation. Typically, when we consider this subject, the focus turns towards pneumatic isolation, air tables, and floating pistons. However, the distinct structure of STACIS employs an intelligent downward-looking system to detect and neutralize vibrations.

In tandem with this smart control, the system utilizes a stiff rubber spring with a high frequency of about fifteen to twenty hertz to support the payload. This spring, due to its stiffness, requires significant force for displacement, which gives STACIS a unique edge in terms of stability. For instance, upon stepping on or bumping a STACIS-supported platform, the disturbance quickly dissipates, causing only minor displacement as compared to the systems supported by pneumatic springs or softer steel or rubber springs. STACIS’s superior design provides an improved support solution for highly sensitive instruments, highlighting the importance of considering innovative designs for vibration isolation in mission-critical environments

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