TMC Revolutionizes Precision Science with Its Adaptable CleanBench™ Vibration Isolation Laboratory Table

January 1, 2023
Sonia Gossai

In the pursuit of heightened scientific precision, TMC, a pioneering company in vibration isolation, brings forth its CleanBench™ laboratory table, a product that encapsulates both performance and flexibility. Furnished with gimbal piston isolators, the CleanBench™ is ideal for applications that involve patch clamping, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and confocal microscopy.

Designed with user adaptability in mind, CleanBench™ provides the user with the unique capacity to switch between gimbal piston and MaxStand isolators, according to their specific application needs. The gimbal piston isolators, a self-settling element within the CleanBench™ line, delivers superb stability within seconds, ensuring the continuity of precision-oriented tasks.

However, when there is a change in application, or when there’s a need for quicker settling times, CleanBench™ offers the ease of upgrading to MaxStand isolators. This is achieved by simply removing a few screws from the gimbal piston, sliding it out, and inserting the new MaxStand module in its place.

The MaxStand isolators come into their own in more demanding applications involving downward forces such as robotics or moving stages in the x-y direction. Not only does the MaxStand module settle at almost half the time of the gimbal piston setup, but it also sustains and provides quicker recovery from disturbances, resulting in enhanced performance of the table and the equipment it supports.

CleanBench™ caters to a variety of weight requirements, offering options from gimbal piston to MaxStand isolators that can support up to eighteen thousand pounds in custom solutions. Each standard leg of the CleanBench™ table is designed to handle up to three hundred fifty pounds, collectively accommodating up to fourteen hundred pounds.

With a blend of adaptability, robustness, and high performance, the CleanBench™ laboratory table by TMC is well suited to a range of demanding applications. Offering flexibility between the gimbal piston as the standard setup and the option to upgrade to MaxStand isolators for quicker settling time, TMC ensures that no matter the change in your requirements or the intensity of your application, your work remains steady and uninterrupted.

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