An Insider’s Guide to Making an LED Purchase


Shaun Roos, Western Regional Sales Manager, Unilumin USA, dropped by the Direct View podcast to share his insider knowledge on various considerations when determining LED needs and requirements.

As someone who works on the manufacturer’s side of the AV industry, a significant part of Roos’s job is educating the client, whether it’s a dealer, integrator, end-user, or consultant, and providing them with all of the information necessary to make a sound decision.

And that includes helping them understand all of the various terms and jargon that surround LED solutions.

“When considering purchasing direct-view LED, pricing seems to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind,” Roos said. “But I urge people not to make that their sole reason for purchase. When buying LED, you need to look at many things. What type of warranty does the LED manufacturer provide, and how long does it go for?”

And what type of product support does a manufacturer provide? Amid a pandemic, knowing the onsite support capabilities is of vital importance.

How close is someone going to need to view the LED display? Will it be placed indoors or outdoors? These are considerations that matter in terms of what type of LED needs to be purchased, and it is why companies such as Unilumin provide experts like Roos to assist clients with their purchasing decisions.

Another factor that Roos said businesses need to consider but don’t always think about as the first thing when making LED purchases is tariffs. Currently, Unilumin does not incur any duties on their LEDs, but some manufactures may.

With all the LED variables at play, Roos said, “knowing what someone is looking for, the vision of their application, and communicating that information to us [is] going to help us educate the client on the options we can provide to them.”

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