Staleness can be a killer for a business in any industry. This is especially true for hospitality and entertainment companies. However, continually investing in new technology and experiences can be financially unsustainable.

Camron Ware, Founder of Lightware Labs provides projection mapping content for his clients, something that has become more popular. However, according to Ware, this rise is not just because of a drop in price for the technology.

“For a long time, the phrase projection mapping and that kind of video magic was reserved for those really high-end, high-budget, high scale projects,” he said. “Like most things with technology it has become more accessible to everyone.”

Ware says a mindset of saying ‘why not’ has been embraced by companies looking to reinvigorate their entertainment options.

“The idea with projection mapping is you can be as creative as you can ever think of, your content can change per event and it’s still a memorable experience,” he said.