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We’re in a BYOD world, and employees are demanding the same level of connectivity and ease of access that they have with their technology at home. The question for businesses is: How do you adapt your presentation systems to a wireless workforce, and is it really that important? In this episode of the Pro AV Podcast, host Daniel Litwin caught up with Delix Alex, technology manager for enterprise platforms at Crestron Electronics during InfoComm 2019 to discuss wireless presentations systems and BYOD implementation.

“The workplace is ever evolving, especially with a varied workforce,” Alex said. “There is a proliferation of devices available to the world, and consumer behavior is driving this.”

Alex was part of a panel discussion at InfoComm 2019 on “Wireless Presentations Systems and BYOD Implementation,” where he and other thought leaders from Intel, Poly & Recon Research broke down the current state of wireless presentation technology in the workplace and what impact it’s having on the market.

The challenge is meeting expectations by today’s workers while maintaining system security, Alex said. “Because, ‘I want to be able to go into my workplace, use any device I have in my pocket or backpack, and get going with my meeting to present content from wherever at any time.’”

That’s why technology solutions companies like Crestron offer devices and wireless presentations systems that meet both demands: A high-quality BYOD user experience that makes it easy to access and share content on site, while ensuring the network’s specifications support an enterprise’s need for security.

Alex shared how IT and AV professionals are tackling the new challenges of non-fixed work environments, co-working places, and remote desktop technology, and whether it’s better to have lower quality video via wireless presentation or high-quality 4K video via fixed device presentation.

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