Communication Solutions on Job Sites Need Unity & Consistency. Does Radio Fit the Bill?

October 31, 2023
Paul Doherty


The construction industry has long grappled with communication challenges on job sites, where a lack of consistent connectivity can hinder operational efficiency and safety. The advent of radio wave technology promises a potential solution, paving the way for streamlined communication and improved site management.

In this video presented by Icom America, Paul Doherty, an architect and real estate developer with TDG, The Digit Group, delves into the intriguing prospect of employing radio wave technology on construction sites.

Doherty highlights the current communication hurdles on sites, dominated mainly by local WIFI or dedicated towers, which often fail to ensure consistent connectivity amongst personnel and equipment. Doherty explores how radio wave technology could foster a site-specific communication package, enabling real-time monitoring of personnel entries and exits and verifying qualifications and insurance coverage, thus enhancing site safety. Additionally, the technology could revolutionize site management by tracking materials ensuring they are correctly logged and located. Doherty also envisages a “site radio” concept, allowing stakeholders to tune in for live project updates fostering a two-way communication channel, thereby bridging the prevalent communication gaps on construction sites.

Through such advancements, radio wave technology emerges as a potential game-changer in the US construction sector, offering a unified solution to the piecemeal communication systems currently in place.

Article by James Kent

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