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Pro AV professionals possess unique circumstances in today’s market due to their de facto dual-role as both technical innovators and creative directors. While certain experience-driven industries stress an emphasis on exciting technology and visuals, Pro AV professionals are finding their own piece of the experience economy is coming in elevating content and storytelling.

Rich Archer, Digital Designer at Omnivex, believes a product is equally as important as the manner in which it is displayed.

“Content is still king,” he said. “No matter what the size, shape – no matter the technology – your display is only as effective as the content that’s on it.”

Archer said digital signage has surpassed websites and print signage as the most effective form of advertising thanks in part to live customer feedback.

“The audio-visual is important, but there’s a technical side to it that’s necessary…especially with live information that’s being pulled from the internet.”

In terms of brand experience, Archer cited a glass walkway in China that appeared to break when walked upon as a prime example of the impact of live digital signage. He said the ideal visual display leaves the customer with something to remember.

“Create something that people are never going to forget,” he said. “Making it memorable like that and actually engaging your customers is one of the keys to having success.”

Archer said the creative side will undoubtedly continue to push the technology forward as it becomes widespread.

“I live in downtown Toronto,” he said. “Every store has something you can interact with.”

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