With the rapid innovations in technology today, it’s hard to keep up; especially in the business world where we rely on these different systems to profit and grow. Alan Rosenkoff, Director of Business Development & Corporate Marketing at CTSI, joins host Tyler Kern to talk about how CTSI has changed the way organizations consume or upgrade to new technologies by offering a subscription service. The subscription service idea came to CTSI about 3 years ago in a meeting about what customers needs they were having trouble satisfying.

Alan said that the difference between a subscription service and maintenance management contracts are: management contracts allow them to “maintain, manage, and improve availability of their systems” and subscription services “bundles the design, engineering, installation, the hardware, the software, and the CTSI managed services into one monthly subscription service fee.” Alan said that the benefits of the subscription service will in the long run outweigh the extra cost by providing your organization upgraded technologies.

One of the largest benefits to the subscription service over a regular management contract is the ability to customize the subscription based on the needs of your organization over time. Alan said that organizations can decide, for example, to have their security systems upgrade every 3 years, have their conferencing and collaboration systems upgrade every 5 years, and so on. Another benefit is not having a large upfront financial cost when completely overhauling these systems because they are built into the cost of the subscription.

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