Cybersecurity Strategies Within Managed Services


IoT products and services are growing, but are the cybersecurity tools and strategies necessary to secure networks from threats posed by these technology innovations growing at the same pace?

Two IoT experts from Diversified, Avi Shah, IT Security Engineer, and Adam Bowser, Director of Information Technologies, shared their thoughts on and experiences in keeping networks safe while still taking advantage of all the innovations IoT technology can bring.

Diversified is an integrator and solutions provider for companies. Shah and Bowser know companies expect these products to provide the latest technology they have to offer. Within this space, both have seen a convergence of AV and IT devices utilizing connected services.

“Whether they’re utilizing cloud management, wielding the internet for connectivity or reporting, logging or when you’re talking unified communications,” Bowser said. “Those communication devices, those systems, are beginning to be used not just at the end-user standpoint – they are being used to generate data within the organization’s physical arena.”

Diversified helps companies implement and use all of these devices and services and helps secure them from cyber threats.

As Bowser pointed out, enterprise customers didn’t have to worry about cybersecurity issues with things such as air conditioning systems until recently. But, with the advent of IoT interconnectivity, now they do.

“Originally, they started as serial to ethernet devices to connect older devices over the internet,” Shah said. “But now they’ve evolved, full-blown. These small, tiny devices can now do things we wouldn’t have thought of just a handful of years ago. Once those devices connect to the local network and then can be connected to the cloud down, they create limitless possibilities in terms of what it can do, but also what it shouldn’t do.”

Bowser recognized the importance of all of these devices in creating efficiencies and benefits for organizations but stressed the importance of finding a balance by ensuring that these interconnective devices are secure and the integrity of a business remains intact and free from additional cybersecurity threats.

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