How Digital Signage Creates Opportunities for Retailers

Retailers face numerous challenges in the 21st century, notably competing with ecommerce giants like Amazon and others. Consumers have many options available with a click of a mouse. Even when competing with other traditional brick-and-mortar retailers, the fight for “wallet share” has never been so intense. How can retailers stand out from the crowd and create experiences to drive customers to their physical stores? Digital signage has clear benefits in crafting these experiences, with targeted messaging and high-quality content, yielding exciting new retail opportunities.

Promote the Right Content at the Right Time

Every retailer understands there are ebbs and flows in traffic as well as purchase behaviors. With analytics, including video and point-of-sale data, a retailer can schedule content promoting products that corresponds to these patterns. Perhaps a boutique sells sunglasses early in the day but more scarves during the early evening? Maybe the data suggests coffee and pastries are popular on the commute in, where the return home focuses on dinner foods or cocktails? By scheduling content accordingly, the data will show if this targeted approach influenced sales. There may be different schedules for weekdays versus weekends, or changes based on weather or any number of other data inputs. All of these factors change the message to be a better fit for the consumer buying habits.

Help Customers Get Up Close to Products

Shoppers are savvier and more educated than ever. A product simply sitting on a retail floor might not express its value well enough alone. Digital signage offers context and broadens the story. Choose content that provides an in-depth view of all the features of a product that they can’t try out in-store. Video answers questions or shows aspirational images, drawing shoppers to the screens. These screens capture a visitor’s attention, often leading them to spend 30 percent more time browsing, per an InfoTrends study.[1]

New Screens Offer Unique Applications

The most advanced LED displays are now available and affordable for use in large video walls. With greater affordability comes the opportunity to make a retail space seem much more than just four walls. This becomes a dynamic backdrop for your customers to engage.

The Rise of AI in Developing Experiences

Digital signage can now track eye movements and even recognizes faces. These capabilities, made possible with artificial intelligence software, enable retailers to personalize experiences. Imagine entering your favorite store, and the signage recognizes you. With recognition, the system would have data of your shopping habits and could customize the message to how you consume. A personal message welcomes you, maybe displaying some of your favorite items currently on sale.

Using intelligent digital signage, a high-end make-up boutique in the West Coast’s largest mall brought brightness and vividness to their space. LEDs flank the walls with the brand’s eye-catching content. The LEDs employ surface-mount device (SMD) pixel technology, which delivers a widened viewing experience. Check out the project here.

Find Your Opportunities with SNA Displays

As a provider of LED digital signage displays, SNA Displays offers retailers the expertise they need to create stunning installations. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help deliver new opportunities with captivating displays.



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