Direct Connections: How KVM Extension and Switching Improves the Working Environment


KVM, or ‘keyboard, video, mouse,’ allows for the control of multiple computers from a single keyboard, mouse, and monitor station. John Jensen, Senior Sales Engineer at IHSE USA, spoke with Tyler Kern about the benefits of KVM extension and switching on the working environment.

“Some things are very simple and common to all KVM systems,” Jensen explained. “The first is the basic back racking story where we remove the computer, its hard drive, and all of the cable clutter out of the creative environment, and into a back room somewhere where it can be secure and can have sufficient air conditioning.” This approach makes servicing equipment easy.

Collaboration is something businesses need more and more of, and KVM streamlines this with its switching functionality. “KVM matrix switching allows you to hit a hotkey on your keyboard and be able to switch or select from a menu to any number of computers that you have rights to access,” Jensen noted. These switching features can eliminate the need for joining video conferences via web applications between collaborating co-workers.

Jensen provided an excellent scenario for the benefits of KVM systems. “A lot of radio and television stations, each of their producers can have a KVM user station on their desk. They have access to a computer that’s running media composer, they have another computer that’s running Pro Tools, and another computer that’s doing the show run down, rather than have all these applications that have extensive and expensive licensing requirements. You can have a dedicated computer that has Pro Tools and all the interfaces connected to it, and each individual producer can have access to that computer at a scheduled time.”

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