Encore, Infuse Digital Announce Digital Media Partnership with Lightbox for Margaritaville Resort Orlando, Sunset Walk Orlando

ORLANDO―Infuse Digital and Encore Capital Management have announced a partnership with digital out-of-home media company Lightbox to represent the digital display network at Margaritaville Resort Orlando and Sunset Walk Orlando. As part of the multi-year representation agreement, Lightbox will manage media sales for the digital network across both properties, including exterior kiosks, exterior LED spectaculars, roadside LED monuments, LED identification pylons, and other digital assets.

Together, Margaritaville Resort Orlando and Sunset Walk Orlando is a sprawling entertainment, retail, and dining destination with multiple lodging properties, a lagoon, cottages and villas, Island H20 Water Park, and the Promenade at Sunset Walk. The resort destination features a state-of-the-art digital signage network throughout the 300-acre resort, just three miles from Disney World.

“When we began the process of identifying the ideal media partner for this property, we knew we were looking for a company that both understood the potential at Margaritaville Resort and had the experience and talent to represent the digital network we’ve developed,” said Jake Indyk, vice president of Infuse Digital. “Lightbox checked those boxes and more, and they’ve quickly become an ideal partner for us and our long-term plans.”

Lightbox, the largest video network in shopping and lifestyle destinations, also represents digital assets at all WeWork locations in the U.S.

As a result of the new partnership, Lightbox will be able to deliver valuable impressions to its advertising partners by way of the digital media network spread across the resort, which consists of 32 digital displays, both LED and LCD. The assets are strategically placed in high-traffic locations with opportunities for exposure to the dining and entertainment venues of the development as well as roadside digital signage on the W Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway.

“Margaritaville Resort Orlando and Sunset Walk Orlando are natural additions to our expansive network and extend our ability to reach audiences where they spend their leisure time,” said Lightbox CRO Eric Steinert. “The property’s inclusion of entertainment, dining, and shopping—all in one of the country’s most visited cities—makes it an ideal asset to strengthen our national portfolio.”

The addition of the vast digital signage network at the resort has been a significant boost for special-event ticket sales, according to real estate developer for the property, Encore Capital Management.

“The impact of advertising activations on the resort LED displays for our on-site Special Event initiatives is outstanding,” said Peter Brown, Encore’s executive director of operations and asset management. “We invariably recognize significant ticket sale increases when the digital ad campaigns are initiated, each and every time.”

Encore has plans to invest an additional $500 million in improvements to the resort over the next five years, including expansion of hotel and residential units, an additional club and pool area, and added dining and

entertainment components, which will further increase the resort’s growing foot traffic. According to Indyk, as further development continues the media partnership will expand to ensure thoughtful integration of all opportunities to enhance visitor experience and increase total impressions.

“The opportunities for top-brand advertisers and sponsors to reach our on-property resort guests, totaling 4.2 million in 2021, and high-traffic roadside LED monument signage with an exposure of more than 110,000 vehicles daily, requires a talented team of network and sales experts that can meet the demands of this highly competitive market,” said Brown. “This partnership with Infuse Digital and Lightbox is exactly that combination.”

About Infuse Digital

Infuse Digital, a new concept in commercial real estate enhancement, works with clients to modernize their facilities with state-of-the-art LED and LCD display assets at little to no upfront cost. Led by veterans in the digital display and out-of-home industries, Infuse Digital offers a comprehensive service, handling design, development, and procurement of digital assets as well as sponsorship and advertising sales, content management, and maintenance. Through extensive partnerships, Infuse Digital helps its clients monetize display assets by securing transactional advertising sales and long-term sponsorship investments, ultimately offering a worry-free investment for owners, developers, and stakeholders. For more information, visit infusedigital.com.


Lightbox is a leading digital out-of-home video network that leverages technology and creativity to connect advertisers with millions of consumers in the real world. The premium video network offers national scale with hyper-local execution via 5,000+ can’t-miss, audio-available screens in shopping destinations, city streets, and WeWork locations across North America. For more information, visit lightboxooh.com.

Encore Capital Management

Encore is a vertically integrated real estate developer, operator, and institutional investment management firm which seeks to achieve value through developing and managing residential real estate, both for-sale and for-rent. Encore also selectively invests in complementary strategies including hospitality, office, retail, and industrial. For more information, visit encorecm.com.

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