Fusion: How “Experience” is Pushing AV Designs and Manufacturers to New Heights, with Electrosonic

Every single day we learn new processes and develop new solutions that can help save us time and money. There are few people alive today that don’t have smartphones or don’t use some type of virtual assistant or smart device at either their home or workplace.

Innovations in automation and smart design have permeated our entire culture rapidly. Who would have thought that five years ago there would be hundreds of thousands of Wi-Fi adapters that people could buy for $30 and install in their own home to control lights? That same convenience and untapped potential for growth is scaling all the way up to complete smart environments and their designs.

Our guests today, Yiannis Cabolis and Andy Batwinas, Director of Technical Innovation and Design Supervisor at Electrosonic, come on the podcast to explain how these smart built designs and environments are driving unprecedented collaboration in the space, and putting more emphasis on the experience, for both the end-user and the AV professional.

For the consumer, using this kind of design for immersive environments is giving them unparalleled experiences, from interactive museum exhibits to AR digital signage in retail. Cabolis and Batwinas explain their project at the Nature Research Center in Raleigh, NC, one that demanded unique designs for a plethora of media rich exhibits, a true multi-use space called the Daily Planet, and very specific video projection demands.

With this project, Cabolis learned he had to go against the grain to deliver an experience-focused design for the end-user. “You need to know all the rules associated with any applications you design and only then one can know which one to break to create magic,” Cabolis said.

For the manufacturers, the experience-focused direction is bringing new collaboration to the industry, and a necessity for a deeper knowledge base around network efficiency. Since content is flowing in and out of the designs consistently, the equipment must be tested for functionality consistently during the installation process and periodically after deploymeny to ensure the scope of work has been included from the design.

Beyond that, Cabolis and Batwinas explain how the designers and integrators on these smart built environment projects are being pushed to new creative heights, and how that’s setting new standards within Pro AV.

For more information on Electrosonic’s work in smart environment design, what the biggest missed opportunities and pitfalls are, how to avoid the “Flavor of the Month” syndrome, and what their favorite project driven by “The Experience” has been, give this podcast a listen.

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