During the pandemic, businesses need solutions that can propel them long after COVID-19. Kelly Harlin, Analytics Platform Strategist at Sharp NEC Display Solutions America, and Stephen Jenkins, Senior Director of Intelligent Technology Solutions at Diversified, shared their experience with data-driven analytics in IoT solutions.

These tools drive innovations that make a difference now and into the future.

“People have had to adjust how to be productive and to collaborate to get that productivity out of their teams without being in the workplace,” Jenkins said of the many changes the pandemic brought to businesses and the rapid adoption of online technology collaboration tools. “People have taken to that, adopted it, maximized what they can do with it – and I think that’s going to change the workplace forever. The question is, how will it impact their back to work strategy long-term?”

In terms of business strategy for IoT, Harlin said it is essential to build a technology foundation.

“Look at what you already have existing and that you need to have to integrate with and tie into and leverage what you might already have within your IT structure or within your IoT strategy. Build out and research a foundation, whether it’s sensors or a solution that can grow with you,” Harlin said. “What problem are you trying to solve right now, and where do I see some of the challenges I’m going to have in the future? There are lots of ways to find solutions that will grow with you and evolve.”

With IoT, the ability to add sensors provides flexibility that’s important for that long-term growth.