Recap from Day 2 of InfoComm 2022

Find Out What’s New at Nanolumens

There is always something new and exciting taking place at Nanolumens! We visited their booth at InfoComm 2022 to get the latest on their new products and offerings from Marketing Director Carolyn Hayes.



Hey everybody. I’m Carolyn Hayes, marketing director for Nanolumens and we are so excited to be here. InfoComm 22! We welcome you to our booth. We are at N2963. And if you come in, we’d love to show you all of our new and existing products.

Here, you see this big tunnel. It’s definitely an eye-grabber. That is our patented curved Nixel. You’ll see, as you walk around here, a lot of the curved displays are faceted. This is not, this is a bendable Nixle. It’s very unique and we welcome you to come see it. We have a new mesh product. It’s called CLRVision and it’s a partner to our CLRVU, which is a recent addition to our displays.

Of course, we’ve got our All-In-One, come see that. We’ve got our Engage and then we’ve also got a market standard product. So any project size we can help you. So we do very custom to very basic. So come on and visit us. And we, you know what, we’re also doing some presentations at 1:30pm on Wednesday and Thursday.

Kurt will be talking about our new services. So come see that we teach talks about services from front to end of the buying process. We’re talking about our our custom design process, which is really interesting. Thursday, 10:00 o’clock. And then we also have Bryce McPheeters who’s talking about our new product roadmap.

So you get to see what’s on the horizon. So anyway, thanks everybody. And I’ll see you when you come by!



Checking in With Contemporary Research at InfoComm 2022

Contemporary Research has been a leading manufacturer of video distribution and display control solutions for over 25 years. You can find them at InfoComm 2022 at booth N2205. MarketScale caught up with Alex Rizzo, Regional Sales Manager at Contemporary Research, to learn more about the solutions they brought to the show this year.



Hey you guys, Alex Rizzo with Contemporary Research here at Infocom 2022 in Las Vegas. Here, we got some pretty exciting products that we’re showcasing, including our modulators and encoders. What we’re looking at here is our QMOD-HDMI RGB, comes in many different flavors, inputting two sources and outputting either over co-ax or IPTV systems.

One of the neat things about this is we also offer emergency alert systems and emergency alert system accessories, such as our brand new light alert bar. If you ever have any questions, look us up at



Thursday at InfoComm 2022!


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