2020 was a year of challenges, but Mad Systems is proud to have risen to the occasion and doubled down on our commitment to helping its customers leverage cutting-edge AV solutions to achieve their unique goals.

Part of that growth and commitment was the securing of a new patent covering systems and methods for generating targeted media content, meaning customers can use powerful technologies, like facial recognition and more, to engage with the highly personalized expectations of modern consumers and visitors. This is an exciting step toward even more personal and inspiring experiences.

This patent is different than any secured by Mad Systems in the past, particularly in that the previous patent covered location information for registered users and involved additional elements that facilitated elevated customer service and classification based on that location information.

In addition to this exciting new patent, Mad Systems’ QuickSilver®️ Media Delivery system has proved itself invaluable during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. It specifically facilitates excellent use and integration of touchless technologies, helping promote safety and best practices for the health and wellness of everyone in a space using a particular AV solution.