MarketScale Counts Down the Best Moments of InfoComm 2021: Part 1


InfoComm returned with a bang in 2021, bringing together innovative companies from across the world of AV in Orlando, Florida. MarketScale was there to bring you the top insights and analysis from some of the brightest minds in the industry. Here are 5 of our best moments of InfoComm 2021.

5: Stadiums Were Not Able to Hit the Pause Button

Rebecca Sullins, Senior Design Engineer for Pro Media Audio Video, joined MarketScale to explain that for AV systems that are installed in newly built sports venues like SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, the emphasis is placed on technology that simply works.

“There’s not so much new technology in them as it is just tried and true stuff,” said Sullins. “You need a stadium to work all of the time.”

4: Filling Up the AV Grocery Cart

Instacart is a growing tech company that helps facilitate grocery delivery amongst other things. We spoke with Shannon Webster, Instacart’s AV Manager, to ask her the biggest question on our minds: What AV needs does a growing tech company have and how does InfoComm help them meet those needs?

3: Zoom is the New Kleenex

Chances are that if you’re watching this video right now you’ve probably been on your fair share of Zoom calls over the past 20 months. MarketScale caught up with Jayjay Kim from Zoom to hear his thoughts on the company’s role in allowing remote work to take place throughout the pandemic.

“People are starting to see the comfort and the advantages of working from home,” said Kim.

2: What is Next for the Workplace?

The events of 2020 forever changed how and where we work, disrupting the traditional office model. At InfoComm 2021, MarketScale caught up with Kay Sargent, Director of Workplace, and Adriana Rojas, Director of Interiors, from HOK, one of the nation’s leading design, architecture, and urban planning firms, to discuss how architects and designers are evolving the workplace as we know it.

Here’s how a year of hybrid work model innovation and disruptions impacted their day-to-day work and business. We also picked their brain on what they see as the lasting changes to work models, workplaces, and architectural design because of the pandemic.

1: Hearing from the Leaders of AVIXA

InfoComm 2021 is finally giving the AV industry the reunion it deserves. Behind every InfoComm event is the AVIXA leadership team, and with a year of new market trends, a pause on in-person events, and new opportunities in legacy and unexpected industries, we needed to hear from AVIXA’s leaders to synthesize where all these different trends are actually leaving the industry.

The MarketScale team at InfoComm spoke with Dave Labuskes, CEO of AVIXA. It’s been so refreshing for the industry to have its long-awaited in-person reunion; there’s genuinely an unmatched energy in the air. Here’s Dave’s take on why there’s such a natural sense of camaraderie in AV and how the industry’s work itself shapes its professionals’ collaborative, passionate culture.

Stay tuned for Best Moments of InfoComm 2021 part 2 on Monday November 1st!

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