MarketScale Overseas at ISE: Day One in Amsterdam


ISE 2019 is underway and although we may not be able to speak with all 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees, we are determined to find answers to the burning questions in the Pro AV industry.

On the first day of this year’s event, Tyler Kern sat down with five Pro AV insiders to get their impressions of the show and what they are excited about on an industry level.

Before that, we chatted with MarketScale’s resident audio expert Zac Brummett to pick his mind on some of the biggest movements in the audio world over the last few weeks, including how industry-giant Bose is moving more into the B2B space. Another brand making news recently is Audinate, and Brummett told us about the debut of the company’s video-over-ethernet solution at ISE.

Mike Cleary, Director of Marketing, Sonance

On the audio side of Pro AV, Sonance is focused on how to blend speakers into a space naturally. Cleary told us that the company tries to focus on comfortability and integration more than just sound alone.

“People install our products to set the mood of a space,” Cleary said.

The 35-year-old company out of San Clemente, California provides solutions for residential, commercial, outdoor, surround sound and in-wall sound.

Tom Mingo, Executive Vice President of Marketing & Sales, Williams AV

Williams AV came to ISE to present its Audio Presenter Hub, a service designed to streamline conference room communication for businesses. The product is designed to be the world’s first wireless interactivity, sharing and transport device for conference rooms. Mingo said there is a great need to take away the clutter of these commonly used spaces that are vital to business.

“So many people use conference rooms and one of the biggest frustrations is walking in and looking at a set of cords and being like, ‘how do I get my laptop to show up there? What’s the resolution of this? How do I get my phone connected?’,” he said.

Stuart Reay, European LED Project Support Engineer, LG

LG is one of the largest exhibitors at ISE this year and it came with a three-week old product. The company’s new transparent LED presentations are opening new possibilities for retailers and businesses in any field looking to create a unique display.

“If you’re trying to be memorable you’ve got to do something that’s different from everybody else,” Reay said.

Tim Bigoness, Chief Marketing Officer, D-Tools

ISE is not just a showcase for bold new digital signage. Software is hugely important to the Pro AV world and D-Tools came to Amsterdam to spread the word of its solutions. Bigoness told us that D-Tools’ offerings provide AV integrators a way to streamline their projects digitally, including time and price estimates.

“It helps them really reduce the time to produce that proposal,” Bigoness said about the service. “Instead of taking days, they can do it in a matter of hours.”

Also listen for Bigoness’ tips on how to overcome jetlag and enjoy Amsterdam!

Nick Shu, Manager, Aavara

Shu and the team from Aavara flew 14 hours from Taiwan to make it to ISE, proving the international scale of this event. For Shu though, the trip has become routine: This is his 10th ISE. Having already seen the sites, Shu is focused on increasing awareness for Aavara’s video distribution product.

We will have much more ISE content coming out this week, including videos from outside the convention center walls. Make sure to take in Amsterdam with MarketScale!

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