“People who are doing wrong don’t want to be caught.  They don’t want to be found,” said Scott Stover, Case Manager for Whitesell Investigative Services. “One of the biggest challenges in our line of work is night. When it gets dark, we can’t see what we need to see.”

Having the right night vision equipment is paramount for professional surveillance. When surveilling a location at night, there is often only one chance to get evidence needed for the job. Without a proper night vision camera, the opportunity to capture essential video could slip away. Here are a few things to look for when selecting your next night vision camera.

Easy to Conceal

A small, compact night vision camera is critical. If a person being watched notices a camera, the whole operation is blown. Being able to capture footage without being detected is an absolute must.

User Friendly

Choose a night vision camera with exceptional features that is easy to use. The Sionyx Aurora night vision camera, for example, has wifi capability that enables remote monitoring. The camera can be hidden in an optimal surveillance location and monitored remotely from a phone or tablet.

Color Night Vision

White phosphorus and green phosphorus night vision cameras are quite good, but nothing can beat color night vision. The Sionyx digital color night vision camera delivers incredible color and quality footage in the dark of night.

To be successful in the professional surveillance industry, having the right equipment can make all the difference to get the job done and uncover the truth. “The most rewarding part of my job is simply finding the truth,” said Stover. “I take a lot of pride in being able to do that.”