Pressures Arising from the Shift to Hybrid

The pandemic has since changed the way employees work with more remote and hybrid positions available. This has provided a segue for more audiovisual support.  

In this episode of Simplifying Remote Collaboration Addressing the IT Challenges in Hybrid Spaces by Nureva, host Tyler Kern spoke with Dan Gundry, Vice president and Managing Director of VuWall USA about how the job responsibilities of IT managers and departments to handle AV in hybrid spaces and meetings and the way those shifts evolved their job description, and the different solutions that provide ease to these new duties.  

“There are core pieces that IT managers are struggling with like now I’m managing someone’s home network, I’m extending firewall and security beyond the office how do I manage all of those devices, how do I afford more time in my day to complete all of the new tasks with the same limited resources available,” Gundry said.  

With hybrid also comes the consideration of meeting equity, where companies want to know how everyone can gain the same experience and be heard and that those working remote or hybrid aren’t isolated.  

“The solutions to how we manage those are different for everyone but the solutions that take an IT approach to deployment to management to support that are not overly complex in installation… those are valid because it makes the IT manager more efficient and allows them to focus on their expertise like protecting and defending the network of an organization,” Gundry explained.  

As the future evolves, hybrid positions will continue to become a permanent fixture, and the solutions and equipment will follow.   

“The periods of stress we’ve seen have allowed for innovation and users are looking for ease and for the office of the future there are three different technologies, digital signage, hot desking and open spacing, and workspace solutions,” he said.   

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