NanoSessions: Value vs. Price in the World of Professional AV


Price is always a factor in every purchase. Every business wants to ensure they stay within budget, but, of course, cheaper is rarely better, except for the pocketbook. Professional LED display solutions are no different. While LEDs are widespread today, they aren’t all equal. So, the question becomes, is the price worth the value? Discussing this topic with us today is Eric Techo, Director of Global Marketing & Sales Operations for NanoLumens.

“Price always comes to the forefront in AV. Everybody’s always looking to save money, but it’s critical for buyers to consider the return on investment. It’s not just the screen itself; it’s the service, the warranty, and more,” Eric said.

At NanoLumens, they consider their products to be high-end, which means they cost more than most LED screens. “First and foremost, we try to educate our customers about the value of the screens. We want to know what they are going to be doing with the screen; will it play HD content or text or something else? We provide recommendations, and even if we are outside their budget, we’ve given them valuable information. Proper advising is part of our culture,” Eric relayed.

However, Eric says he’s seeing a shift away from the price being the determining factor. “In the global market, there’s a new trend shifting away from just being price conscious. Top tier customers need top tier products. Changes are happening in the AV market. People want high-quality products that make the customer happy and coming back for more product,” Eric shared.

Even when customer sometimes can’t increase their budget, they often find their way back. Eric said, “We’ve unfortunately had many folks come back to us when they’ve chosen a lower cost product that breaks. We’ve had situations where we were more expensive but offered a longer warranty and higher quality product. The customer decided to go with another company, and things went south. The product just wasn’t the quality as represented. So, we’ve been there to help those companies as best as possible.”

Learn more about the reality of price vs. value in LED screens by listening to the podcast.

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