Radio is the Backbone of Live Entertainment and Plays a Vital Role in Digital Communication

July 6, 2023
Alexandra Simon


High-tech gadgets and digital communication devices are at the forefront of today’s entertainment. It may surprise some but radio, a century-old technology, remains a vital tool in live entertainment production. The ability to facilitate real-time, multi-department communication has made radio an integral part of this industry. As the entertainment world continues to evolve, the need for reliable communication becomes even more crucial.

But why does an industry dominated by the digital age still rely on such a traditional form of technology? What keeps radio communication relevant in live entertainment events?

For an episode of “Icom,” Nicole Schram, Digital Media Strategist at MarketScale, explored the vital role of radio communication in live entertainment production, highlighting its unique advantages over digital tools in multi-department environments and discussing its continued relevance in an increasingly digital world.

Schram also talked about::

  • The historical relationship between radio communication and live entertainment.
  • The unique advantages of radio over digital communication tools in multi-department environments.
  • The relevance and future of radio in an increasingly digital landscape.

Nicole Schram is a seasoned professional in the digital media industry. Having worked on live events including the Tony Awards, she brings a wealth of experience and unique insights into this discussion. She is a well-recognized Digital Media Strategist at MarketScale, with several accolades for her significant contributions to the industry.

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