Enhancing Supply Chain Visibility and Efficiency Through Radio Communications

November 29, 2023
Wesley Boyce


While the logistics industry often gravitates toward cutting-edge technology, Wesley Boyce, an Assistant Professor of Practice in Supply Chain Management and Analytics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, brings to light the enduring significance of radio communication. In a world enthralled by digital innovation, he argues that the simplicity of radios could be their greatest strength in supply chain management.

In a concise overview, Boyce reveals how two-way radios amplify visibility and efficiency within supply chains. “These radios enable personnel to coordinate activities in real-time, significantly improving synchronization and making the supply chain more efficient in general,” Boyce says. By providing instant communication, radios enhance the monitoring of assets and shipments, leading to better inventory management and quicker problem identification.

Boyce emphasizes the strategic advantage of radios, stating, “Information provided by radio networks can effectively help to replace inventory, leading to cost savings by reducing money tied up in idle inventory.” Despite the buzz around IoT and RFID technologies, he concludes that radios’ swift and direct communication continues to hold substantial value in logistics, proving that sometimes, the classic tools withstand the test of time.

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