Swiping and Shopping: The Rise of the Digital Kiosk

Customer service has historically been associated with an employee aiding a shopper in need. Traditionally this has been a human-to-human interaction that keeps consumers informed and can directly lead to a sale.

Today, customer service is yet another area where technology is changing the shopping experience. Kiosks in particular are allowing shoppers not to seek out employees but find all relevant information in one manageable area.

These digital platforms are not limited to the retail world though. Restaurants, banks, theaters, hotels, and even taxi services are implementing this innovation to streamline their services.

Retailers have traditionally implemented these kiosks to help customers find items, check prices and navigate the store.

Grocers were among the first to use digitally interactive devices, most notably in self-checkout areas.

Cities are replacing traditional maps with interactive displays. This way, tourists and travelers can find restaurants, public transportation and entertainment venues quicker and with more precision.


The ATM was a revolutionary invention when it made its debut. Now banks seem to be on the precipice of allowing customers to open accounts from digital touch screens.

In Dubai, employees of the Dubai Taxi Corporation are able to connect to a kiosk through a smartphone app that allows them to apply for time off, report incidents, check insurance details and more.

Fast food giant McDonald’s has been a pioneer of the smart-kiosk boom. The fast food giants has rolled out digital ordering services to keep wait time down. Kiosks also allow customers to personalize orders down to the condiment.


Hotel guests are often tired after a long day of travel. Instead of waiting to check in at a front desk, hotels are implementing self check-in kiosks to streamline this sometimes tedious process.

Digital kiosks in the retail space are not only for wayfinding and customer service. With digital and interactive displays, consumers are able to learn valuable information on products.

There is still value to human interaction when making a purchase of any kind. Personal and customer-centric insight can leave a shopper with a pleasant experience and meaningful insight. For customers who need to get answers quickly though, kiosks will continue to grow in popularity.

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