The E4 Expo in Dallas Highlights the Resurgence of the Regional Trade Show

The E4 Expo in Dallas has occurred for the past 12 years, but this year it will be earmarked as the industry’s first true hybrid event. Melody Craigmyle, Vice President of Marketing & Communication at Almo Corporation, spoke with MarketScale Host Ben Thomas about what the Expo will entail.

The Expo will include extensive interaction compared to typical online event sessions. Events catered toward individuals’ specific interests will include a digital signage tour, a DVLED tour, a new products tour, and more. “It’s insightful people doing meaningful interviews digging into the technology and helping them understand how it fits into applications,” Craigmyle elaborated.

Perhaps the most thrilling aspect of this year’s Expo involves a stimulating product experience. Craigmyle revealed that there will be live holograms onstage. One presenter from California and one from Washington, D.C. will appear to present the holograms.

Holograms have widespread application potential for the future because they allow someone who cannot physically attend an event to present onstage from their office desk. The applications are endless, from corporate settings to houses of worship to the education sector.

Craigmyle explained, “Imagine being able to bring in the best and brightest instructors, or physicians, or researchers into your university without them having to travel but to be there with the students either in person or online and then having access to such amazing professionals. Those are just some things people that I think people can start dreaming about in the pro AV industry.”

Other partners presenting products include Absen, Harman, Huddly, Jabra, Barco, and Son, which will feature a Whisper Suite.

Craigmyle believes the 2021 E4 Expo will help attendees grasp what a hybrid workplace is about while bringing whole solutions together at the event. Join Marketscale as they cover the event onsite this coming Tuesday, November 30.

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