The Evolution of Icom’s Products Sustains the Hobbyist’s Passion For Radio

July 28, 2023
Alexandra Simon


As the world moves forward in the digital age, technology that holds roots in the past continues to make an impact, and the evolution of Icom’s products is a major part of that. Amateur radio, often referred to as “ham radio,” is one such technology. Despite the rise of contemporary communication modes, ham radio has seen a revival of interest, particularly among tech enthusiasts and emergency responders. 

In this intriguing realm of ham radio, how has the journey of a seasoned operator intersected with the evolution of renowned radio equipment manufacturer, Icom?

For an “Icom” episode, guest Hayden Honeywood, better known as Ham Radio DX, offered a personal, engaging exploration of this very question. The longtime amateur radio enthusiast recently attended the largest amateur radio event and revisited his journey through his two decades of experience, sharing insights about the role and evolution of Icom’s products, which have played in his amateur radio adventure.

Hayden further talked about:

  • His initial introduction to Icom through the ICT90A, a general coverage receiver, and how his collection of Icom radios has grown and evolved over time.
  • His experiences with various Icom flagship radios including the IC706MKIIG, IC7000, and the IC9700, and how they have enabled him to set records in the ham radio community.
  • His thoughts on the future of amateur radio, particularly his interest in the higher gigahertz bands and the exciting challenge of Earth-Moon-Earth (EME) communication.

Hayden Honeywood is an established figure in the amateur radio community with nearly two decades of experience under his belt. An Australian native, he holds the amateur radio call signs VK7HH and the American call sign KD9SSB. Beyond his active participation in amateur radio, Hayden also shares his knowledge, experiences, and passion through his YouTube channel, Ham Radio DX, providing inspiration, education, and promotion of amateur radio to enthusiasts worldwide.

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