The Role of High-Performance Computing at the Rugged Edge


More industries than ever need real-time data and analytics from the rugged edge, where numerous factors challenge the collection of that data.

While more rugged computers and networks were the level-one solution to these needs, single servers and desktops are quickly being outpaced in terms of their usefulness at the edge. To collect the real-time data organizations need, these edge computing solutions need to be kicked up a notch.

Enter high-performance computing, or HPC.

HPC is the aggregation of computing power across multiple desktops or servers, which provides more power, and it’s stepping in to fill the gap between data and network needs and the capabilities of single rugged computers or servers.

To learn more about the increasingly important role of HPC in collecting insights from the rugged edge, Rugged Edge Survival Guide host Daniel Litwin was joined by Premio’s Product Manager for Server & Storage Solutions, Andy Lee.

The duo dove into the HPC landscape and Premio’s solutions, offering a firsthand look at the types of innovations that are bringing the power and performance organizations so desperately need to get the most out of their data at the rugged edge.

They also broke down some of the most relevant use cases of high-performance computing, such as financial transactions, cloud applications, medical and healthcare, and content rendering.

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